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GRAITEC Group News


Service Pack 2 of Advance Steel 2012 is released!

Advance Steel: BIM software for structural steel engineering, detailing and fabrication

We are pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 2 of Advance Steel 2012!

Service Pack 2 has a set of enhancements and provides the following advantages to users:

  • International catalogs additions: Advance Steel libraries have been extended for profiles such as Zed and C Australian sections.
  • More efficient modifications: The user can now modify all anchors in fewer clicks using the multi-edit function which now also works with anchors.
  • Detailing of complex beams: Polybeams (such as beams created from polylines) can be automatically detailed with an unfold representation and the correct display of holes and bolts which are part of them.
  • BOM on drawing enhancements: Service Pack 2 provides more choices to define the BOM on drawing template with new options such as creating formulas with divisions ("/").
  • GRAITEC Advance manager: The tool which helps users to control all global settings and have a direct access to the databases of the software has been enhanced concerning the table editor.
  • General reliability: performance and stability updates.

Any customer under maintenance contract can download Service Pack 2 from the GRAITEC Advantage web site: