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GRAITEC Romania is partnering with NK Mühendislik, to extend its distribution channel in Turkey

GRAITEC Romania, extends its sales in Turkey, by signing a strategic partnership with NK Mühendislik. The partnership agreement signed between the two companies entitles NK Mühendislik to promote, sell and support GRAITEC's ADVANCE suite in Turkey.

Founded in 1998, NK Mühendislik is one of Turkey's leading civil engineering companies, specialized in steel structures, but also reinforced concrete and prefabricated construction elements. Through this partnership, GRAITEC meets two objectives: extending its sales network in Turkey, by creating a wide channel of distributors of GRAITEC ADVANCE solutions and also localizing the solutions for the national Turkish standards, thus being closer to customers and their needs.

GRAITEC and NK Mühendislik share the goal of bringing to the Turkish market competitive technology which will increase their customer productivity for steel structural detailing and shop drawing. As a result, the official web page for ADVANCE Steel has been translated into Turkish. In the near future, the software ADVANCE Steel will also be available in Turkish.

Also, various presentations are now available with Turkish subtitles – for example, a 10 minute overview at ADVANCE Steel:

Adrian GLEJA, Area Sales Manager at GRAITEC Romania, declares: "I am confident this is a good start for us, given that this is also a good time to expand into neighboring countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Moldova. Right now, the Turkish market has great potential because it is constantly expanding. This is why, in the coming months, we intend to organize many workshops and presentations in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul, in collaboration with our partners in Turkey."

Yagmur Can Kocak, Managing Director of NK Mühendislik declares: "The GRAITEC ADVANCE suite will provide many benefits to users and we consider the software a great help to our customers. We hope that this partnership will be durable and mutually beneficial."