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GRAITEC discusses the reasons for the success of its R&D Department

Bièvres, France – August 22nd, 2012. GRAITEC, a leading software developer for CAD and structural analysis solutions, sets out the reasons for the success of its Research and Development Department throughout the years in an interview with Manuel LIEDOT.

For 25 years, GRAITEC has set - the pace - in the market and continued – to prove itself - by surprising the Design Office players by offering high added value solutions addressing market requirements. A strong capacity for innovation has made GRAITEC an indispensable Design Office player, first in France and then around the world. Its secret to success is possibly associated to its excellent knowledge of the markets and to the relevance of the proposed developments.

Manuel LIEDOT - Chief Product Officer at GRAITEC

Manuel LIEDOT, who for several years has served as Chief Product Officer at GRAITEC, manages the R&D Department (more than 30% of GRAITEC staff worldwide). Listen, select, coordinate, monitor, and suggest pertinent developments, is the way the functions that Manuel LIEDOT performs could be summarized.

How do you stay attuned to clients when you are a leader in the market?

Manuel LIEDOT: "Maintaining the confidence of clients is a constant challenge for any company. The market has significantly restructured itself in recent years and I think our clients recognize GRAITEC's capacity to listen and to carry out the desired changes. Moreover, we provide more than 2000 days of training per year and have over 25 dedicated technical support staff per day from the technical support department in the Group. It helps us stay connected... and anyway, in the construction industry, clients know how to make themselves heard!"

How do you decide the development priorities?

Manuel LIEDOT: "Development priorities are based on three main areas:
  • User satisfaction
    Through training and technical support, our users share with us their feedback and we pay close attention. We know that it is user satisfaction that guarantees the success of GRAITEC solutions. The R&D team also works directly with some key accounts in several countries.
  • Innovation
    The goal is to provide our users with increased automatism, productivity, security and confidence in the management of their structural projects, as well as design, in the production of the entire construction and fabrication documents. For over 25 years, we have been innovators by providing new solutions which often revolutionizes the practices within Design Offices.
  • Strategic developments and changes imposed by the market
    GRAITEC currently generates 75% of its business internationally. Of course, we have to support this growth by localizing our solutions and adapting them to local demand. We are required to anticipate the changes in standards (e.g., Eurocodes) and technology (e.g., compatibility with Microsoft Windows 8)."

Without revealing any secrets, what are the trends for the years ahead?

Manuel LIEDOT: "Naturally, we will add new features for the "trade" in each of our software products to improve our users' efficiency. For example, Advance Design 2013 will have "capacity design" for structures to meet the requirements of Eurocodes 8, Advance Steel 2013 will have easy-to-use "user" joints, and Advance Concrete 2013 will offer the user to use it with or without AutoCAD®, like Advance Steel 2012.

But the overall trend is a gradual integration of GRAITEC solutions. GRAITEC wants to be the "BIM Structure" leader. It translates into a data model increasingly shared and inter-operating between GRAITEC Advance solutions and increasingly accessible to the rest of the digital design chain."

GRAITEC discusses the reasons for the success of its R&D Department