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GRAITEC Group News


GRAITEC Group reports +11% revenue growth and +26% profitability for 2011

Bièvres, France, March 30th, 2012 – GRAITEC, an international developer of 3D modeling to fabrication and structural design software for the construction industry, reports a turnover of 25.9 million Euros for the fiscal year ended December 31st, 2011. GRAITEC revenue increased by +11% compared to 2010. Advance Steel, +52% in number of seats, and Advance Design, +26% in turnover, have over performed in 2011.

Main 2011 figures:

GRAITEC performed well with respect to its 2011 forecast:
  • Turnover of 25.93 M€ reached the provisional target and increased +11%
  • The consolidated EBITDA increased +26% compared to 2010 and reached 2.35 M€
  Graitec Advance software results:   GRAITEC Advance is the complete BIM software solution, from design to detailing, intended for the international market.

GRAITEC Advance suite registered a +47% growth in 2011.

  External growth:  
  • Italian-based company B&B srl, a major reseller of CAD and Design solutions for construction was acquired by GRAITEC in 2011. B&B as a recognized expert in the steel detailing industry will introduce Advance Steel technology on the Italian market. More than 80 Italian customers have already chosen Advance Steel after a few months.
  • TREPCAD GmbH was acquired through the German subsidiary GRAITEC GmbH. TREPCAD, software for staircase construction, is an entry level complementary solution to Advance Steel. No doubt the great expertise brought by TREPCAD will reinforce the position of Advance Steel in this market segment.

Country Focus:

  • GRAITEC France, most mature region, has performed over expectations with growth of 12% on the historical market of the company for design solutions. In this field, Advance Design achieved a remarkable performance, growing by +27%, with 75% of the local revenue.

  • GRAITEC Germany grew by +10% in 2011. Advance Steel registered a +44% growth. Two achievements must be highlighted in 2011: the dynamism of the GRAITEC German business with 60% of the orders obtained from new customers, showing a growing market penetration for Advance Steel. The second achievement is the successful introduction of Advance Bridge on the German market.

  • GRAITEC Czech Republic (AB Studio) in a difficult business context, AB Studio has shown a great capacity to sustain its level of activity and business, as leader of the AEC industry in Czech Republic. AB Studio reinforces the presence of GRAITEC solutions in Eastern Europe region.

  • GRAITEC UK has recorded a +25% growth in turnover and successfully launched Advance Design on the British market thanks to the implementation of British standards. Advance Steel registered an astonishing 47% growth showing a fast growing adoption of Advance Steel technology.

  • GRAITEC Americas has reorganized the product structure of the local Design solutions, maintaining a stable +5% turnover compared to 2010. The global growth in North America reached +7% in turnover, with significant success for Advance Steel, +60% in 2011.

  • ADRIS Ltd. has performed great with a turnover growth of 22% compared to 2010. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of ADRIS priorities and was illustrated in 2011 by the creation of ADRIS Professional Services to better serve our customers projects.

  • GRAITEC Russia did an excellent third year activity with a 2011 turnover that registered a +75% growth compared to 2010. Direct sales represent 70% of the business.

  • GRAITEC Romania is dedicated to R&D with 80 Engineers and specialists on its staff. This R&D center has done a massive investment, developing new applications and software solutions in 2011. The most key project was the development of the GRAITEC CAD platform for the Advance Steel 2012 release (launched in February 2012). Meanwhile, sales have recorded a good +30% growth in 2011.

  • GRAITEC Asia Pacific: 2011 was the first year of operations in this territory. Ambition and expectations are very high for Graitec Asia Pacific. 2011 was very encouraging as new Value Added Resellers joined GRAITEC's channel, setting up the conditions for unlimited growth in the near future.

  • GRAITEC Africa was set up in January 2011 with the goal to develop and support the network of Resellers in Africa. The 275% growth confirms the great potential in Africa and the need for local partners to deliver dedicated services and support.

Vision for 2012

  • GRAITEC expects to reinforce its position on the Structural Construction market in 2012 and accelerate its growth and profitability.
    GRAITEC targets a 15% turnover increase in 2012 and a profitability growth of +60% (EBITDA).

    GRAITEC wants to reach these targets in 2012 by leveraging on the 3 main geographical areas of business at different levels:
    - Consolidation of the GRAITEC position in Europe with substantial growth in some key areas like Italy, UK or Germany.
    - Consolidation of the GRAITEC leadership in France.
    - An accelerated growth is planned in North America and Asia where the past years investments of GRAITEC should increase their return.

  • R&D: In 2011 an important investment was made in Advance Steel to offer to our new and existing customers the choice to run Advance Steel with or without AutoCAD. GRAITEC R&D will continue to massively invest in the localization of the GRAITEC solutions to fit to the market and users expectations. Collaboration, BIM, ease of use will be with innovation and quality the driving words for the R&D challenges in 2012.

Francis GUILLEMARD, CEO of GRAITEC, comments: "2011 reached the forecasted expectations of GRAITEC from both turnover and profitability perspectives, with great satisfaction for the company and all the people that contributed to the results. GRAITEC is showing a constant increasing profitability performance that opens fantastic opportunities for the future. Advance Steel is an amazing achievement and a great source of satisfaction for GRAITEC. Advance Steel is driving the worldwide market share acquisition of the group. The recent launch of version 2012 in early 2012 will reinforce the positioning of our solution, offer incomparable ROI for our users and position this solution as the new reference of the steel construction market.
In 2012 GRAITEC will accelerate its growth, continue its international expansion driven by Asia Pacific and North America, without neglecting its more established markets and long term customers. GRAITEC is also actively working on potential new strategic acquisitions to reinforce its technical leadership or support new markets penetration. I rely on our strategy, teams and solutions to make 2012 a great milestone in GRAITEC history.