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GRAITEC Advance 2012: first multiplatform version for the GRAITEC Structural BIM suite

Bièvres, February 1st, 2012 - GRAITEC, european software developer for modeling and drawing creation for the construction industry, announces the release of the GRAITEC Advance 2012 suite.

Movable overland tripper successfully detailed with Advance Steel

Specifically designed for building and construction professionals, the GRAITEC Advance suite provides a complete environment for designing, detailing and creating all design and fabrication documents for reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures.

GRAITEC Advance aims primarily to improve the productivity of its users, help them reduce design errors and increase the quality of project documentation. GRAITEC Advance meets the requirements for the most demanding professionals and its ergonomics are designed to make it easy to learn and use. The suite is based on the implementation of a digital model (BIM / Building Information Model). This technology associates each real object to its virtual equivalent in the digital model and users have the opportunity to simulate the behavior of the real structure and automate many processes. With open BIM standards, Advance can also be used with the Autodesk Revit suite for the structural analysis and design and document creation of models created in Revit.

Version 2012 represents a key milestone in the development of GRAITEC. In fact, the new Advance Steel software architecture allows it to work without an AutoCAD® license. This innovation frees up AutoCAD® licenses for other uses in the design office. In addition it offers an economic advantage to companies without AutoCAD® licenses or that do not have updated AutoCAD® licenses.

Major investments were also made to simplify usability and improve performances for all products of the suite. Version 2012 also continues to introduce new design codes in order to meet the productivity and quality demands required by a market increasingly more international.

For Francis Guillemard, CEO of the GRAITEC Group:

Francis Guillemard, CEO of the GRAITEC Group "We are on the verge of a major technological change at GRAITEC, one which we believe will have a significant impact on the industry and provide a better choice against our competitors. As a result of many years of development by our R&D team, our 2012 versions of the GRAITEC Advance Suite will, among many other innovations, now offer our users the choice to run Advance Steel 2012 with or without AutoCAD. This is a bold and ambitious strategy to enable our flagship steel modeling and detailing system, Advance Steel, to run on its own or on top of AutoCAD, is unique and offers users the choice to select the CAD platform that suits them. We see this as a key step for which market expectations and opportunities for growth and partnerships are immense.
Advance Concrete is our model based reinforcement CAD solution and the architecture has been reworked to enable performance to be significantly enhanced providing tenfold productivity to users.
Finally, the introduction of international standards in Advance Design and the inclusion of timber materials allows us to offer a truly global CAD-Analysis and Design solution internationally, including America.
Through these revolutionary innovations, GRAITEC has a tremendous opportunity for growth in all markets where the Group operates and we will continue investing to ensure we offer the best CAD and Analysis solutions to our customers.

Advance Steel 2012: CAD platform freedom

Advance Steel® is specifically designed for steel professionals who require an easy-to-use 3D structural steel detailing software for automating drawing production. Advance Steel 2012: CAD platform freedom

Historically based on the AutoCAD® platform, Advance Steel 2012 allows users to use their software with or without AutoCAD®. In fact, the product includes its own graphics engine, and the user can select the desired CAD platform. Regardless of the selected platform, all the essential functionality of the software is retained, as well as DWG® compatibility.

This major change has also allowed GRAITEC to simplify the user interface by focusing on and organizing the industry specific functionality of the software and the BIM integration.

Version 2012 also has many other improvements and innovations requested by customers all around the world, for example, the option to group similar connections to manage and change them in a single operation.
Advance Steel 2012 also provides an overall improvement in drawing quality. It increases user productivity and protects the production and management of documentation of their steel construction projects.

For Mr. Remacle, head of the design office ARTEC (Paris - France) and Version 2012 beta user: "Financially, the fact that Advance Steel can function as a standalone application is great news for my business. The installation of Version 2012 was successful. I imported all my settings and was able to continue working on my projects, but ... without AutoCAD. My AutoCAD license is available for other uses in my office."

Advance Concrete 2012: increased performance

Advance Concrete® is specifically designed for structural engineers and reinforced concrete detailers who require professional and easy-to-use 3D software for automating drawing creation. Advance Concrete 2012: increased performance

With Version 2012, significant work was done on the software architecture and performance optimization. All areas have been reworked: launch of the software, file opening, project navigation, creation of new views, reinforcement implementation, etc. This results in a significantly higher ease of use and increased efficiency for users.

Version 2012 also has many new features such as improved tools for placing rebars in identical elements and counting the global quantities at the project level, new options for visual representation of elements (automatic highlighted of listed rebars and fabrics when selecting lists, new representation options for frames of a transverse reinforcement, improved color use for visual identification of bars and their diameters, etc. ), improved "cut type" tool with the option to simply add or remove bars or bent mesh, new options for bar list management including export options to Excel.

Lastly, Advance Concrete 2012 is localized for Russia and South Africa in addition to existing countries.

Advance Design 2012: international codes and EC5 timber calculation

Advance Design® is specifically dedicated to structural engineers who require a professional and easy-to-use solution for simulating and optimizing all their projects. Advance Design 2012: international codes and EC5 timber calculation

The first focus of development of Advance Design 2012 was its internationalization. The software is available in German, English, French, Polish, Romanian and Czech. All National Appendices of these countries are available for Eurocodes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 8. Advance Design 2012 also performs the analysis and design of concrete and steel structures in accordance with U.S. standards ACI (for reinforced concrete) and AISC (for steel construction)*.

Advance Design 2012 also provides to users a new design module for timber frames to Eurocode 5 (German, English, French, Romanian and Czech National Appendices). It optimizes the sections of timber parts with verification of resistance, stability (buckling / lateral-torsional buckling) and determination of residual sections for fire verification.

Many new features for post-processing of results are also available and Version 2012 also has several changes in the ergonomics of the software such as the ability to run the software functions directly from the command line.

As previous Advance releases, Version 2012 provides an integrated BIM desktop and a comprehensive set of applications that combine to create an environment that is usable for a wide variety of design and drafting tasks right out of the box. In addition to the many new functionalities as well as new improvements in usability and performance, GRAITEC Advance 2012 recommends itself as being the 1st multi-platform version for the GRAITEC Structural BIM suite, thus being a key milestone in the GRAITEC Advance evolution.

* North American codes to be delivered with SP of release 2012