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GRAITEC Group reports +10% revenue growth for 2010

Paris, April 14th, 2011 - GRAITEC, an international developer of 3D modeling, structural design and automatic drawing creation software for construction professionals, reports target revenues of 23.3 million euros for the fiscal year ended December 31st, 2010. The turnover increased by +10% compared
to the 2009 results.

Main 2010 figures:

GRAITEC performed well with respect to its 2010 forecast:
  • Turnover of 23.3 M€ reached the provisional target and increased +10%.
  • The consolidated EBITDA increased +52% compared to 2009 and reached 1.89 M€.
Graitec Advance software results: GRAITEC Advance is the complete BIM software solution, from design to detailing, intended for the international market.

Results by country

GRAITEC France has performed well with growth of 6% on the historical market of the company. GRAITEC France has achieved its goal by successfully selling the complete range of software products (GRAITEC Advance, Arche, Melody) and also with its regional offices network, which allows the company to provide excellent local services and support.
GRAITEC Czech Republic (AB Studio) has increased significantly the sales of GRAITEC CAD software: Advance Steel, Advance Concrete and Cadkon. AB Studio also created a new network of partners in new territories: Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
GRAITEC Germany has managed a nice growth in 2010. During the last quarter of 2010, the sales doubled compared to the 4th quarter of 2009. GRAITEC GmbH and CSI merged early 2011 and new headquarters were established in Essen in February. This strategic merger of two experienced software companies combine their expertise and offer a unique Structural BIM Solution in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
GRAITEC UK has recorded a 1% growth in turnover and successfully launched Advance Concrete on the British market. Advance Steel and Advance Concrete sales registered +14% growth in 2010.
GRAITEC Americas has continued its good growth with a global +31% of their turnover. A new sales organization will be set up in Canada early 2011 to better manage the growth.
ADRIS Ltd. has performed well with a turnover growth of 14% compared to 2009.
GRAITEC Russia, a subsidiary created in 2009, did an excellent second year activity with a 2010 turnover that is 4 times greater than the previous year.
GRAITEC Romania is dedicated to R&D with 80 engineers and specialists in its staff. The R&D center did a huge job on the development of new applications and software solutions in 2010.

GRAITEC Asia Pacific was set up in Singapore in June 2010 with the goal to develop and support the network of Resellers in the Asia Pacific area. This subsidiary monitors commercial support and training for VARs located in this area. More than 8 VARs are already distributing GRAITEC solutions in Asia Pacific with increasing success.

Vision for 2011

Financial targets: turnover growth of 10% and EBITDA growth of 30%.
Strengthen GRAITEC's leading position in Europe.
Strong growth in Asia with continuous development of the network of Value Added Resellers.
Software/R&D: After three years of investment in R&D activities devoted to the acquisition and development of a CAD platform integrated with Advance Steel and Advance Concrete, and fully compatible with AutoCAD®, GRAITEC will have major software releases in 2011. To support these software releases, GRAITEC will increase its investment in R&D by 18% in 2011 compared to 2010.
External growth: after a year pause in its external growth policy, GRAITEC has resumed negotiations with European and American software editors, in order to diversify its solution and ensure a better commercial network in many countries.
BIM Partner Program: GRAITEC has established a partnership program for software publishers who may be interested to use as a platform the GRAITEC solution or to complement their solutions. This program, "GRAITEC BIM Partner" is intended for major CAD editors or publishers of local structure calculation.

Francis GUILLEMARD, CEO of GRAITEC, comments: "Thanks to the product quality and the passion of Group employees, GRAITEC emerged from the worldwide economic crisis by generating growth and a sharp increase in profitability. With these positive results, we will focus on accelerating this trend and we anticipate a 2011 full of technical and business activity."

About GRAITEC...
Founded in 1986, GRAITEC is a major software developer for civil engineering offering a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system that automates the entire structural process. Used by more than 30,000 professionals worldwide, GRAITEC solutions have helped in creating outstanding projects: Cœur Défense tower, Stade de France stadium, Cairo Subway, Düsseldorf International Airport, Băneasa Shopping City in Bucharest, Milano Fair, etc. The GRAITEC Group has more than 250 employees working in 12 companies (France, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada and USA). GRAITEC also manages an international network of more than 40 Value Added Resellers.
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