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GRAITEC Group News


GRAITEC acquires AB Studio

GRAITEC SA is pleased to announce the acquisition of AB Studio located in Prague (Czech Republic). Created in 1990, AB Studio employs 25 people, serves 7000 clients in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria. With a 1.4 million Euros turnover in 2003, AB Studio is one of the most important Autodesk partners in Central Europe for the building industry.

AB Studio develops, distributes and services a product line called CADKON :
 Cadkon 2004 : support for 3D/2D drawing in AutoCAD
 Cadkon-H for ADT : support for wooden trusses in ADT (Autodesk Architectural Desktop)
 Cadkon 2D : drawings for AutoCAD LT
 Cadkon TZB : public health engineering, heating system, ventilation system and wiring in AutoCAD LT
 Cadkon-RCD : 3D concrete structure reinforcement drawings in AutoCAD and ADT

AB Studio also distributes Advance - Steel suite and GoSteel in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

GRAITEC and AB Studio will mutually benefit from the acquisition.
 AB Studio will extend its product line by integrating GRAITEC's products to accordingly offer its clients a complete solution for steel and concrete construction. New products will allow AB Studio to increase its own turnover and to participate to the global growth of the Group.
 AB Studio is a profitable and autonomous structure. The acquisition of AB Studio is part of GRAITEC's international expansion strategy and reinforces the groups activities in Central Europe. To further consolidate GRAITEC's position in the Czech Republic, DSC CZ and AB Studio will merge shortly.