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GRAITEC CEO's message

Francis Guillemard, CEO and founder of GRAITEC In 2009 the construction industry as a whole was particularly affected by the worldwide financial crisis; however GRAITEC fared well due to proactive management actions, and a global team effort. This extremely difficult economic situation gave GRAITEC the opportunity to brush up on its founding values of aiming for excellence; we also quickly faced up to the global economic challenge with pragmatic and imaginative solutions. GRAITEC is an innovative organization with flexible and reactive resources, an undeniable advantage to face up to any storm.

These actions enabled GRAITEC to progress in all sectors, while maintaining R&D investment and continued geographic expansion in spite of the difficult economic conditions. Today GRAITEC are ready to move forward on all fronts: The European subsidiaries are strong and are in commanding positions, GRAITEC Russia and GRAITEC Asia located in Moscow and Singapore respectively are quickly developing these new markets for GRAITEC, while our North American presence is consolidated and we are about to release more powerful software solutions better adapted to our customers' needs.

The numbers speak for themselves. In 2009 GRAITEC increased by 37% its net operating results versus 2008, and 2010 looks to be another successful year: Gross sales up 15% with a twofold increase in net results. Other indicators demonstrate the dynamic nature and clear success of GRAITEC international: over 30,000 clients use our solutions and each week about 100 more users join us.

We are prepared for success. Our management is solid and enthusiastic; our teams are strong and determined. Our R&D is also developing technology independent GRAITEC solutions: the next generation will also have its own 3D modeler, completely compatible with other CAD standards. This empowers GRAITEC to play in the engineering CAD big leagues with the major international players.

More than ever GRAITEC is progressing and achieving its aspirations.

Francis Guillemard
CEO and founder of GRAITEC