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Advance Steel 2010: Availability of SP3

Advance Steel : Professional Steel Detailing Software Solution for AutoCAD

Paris, France, March 31st, 2010. GRAITEC, an international software developer for CAD and structural analysis solutions for civil engineering, announces the availability of Advance Steel 2010 SP3.

This service pack release update addresses a number of areas including:

1. The automatic macro for railing creates knees between each intermediate middle handrail, like shown on the picture below:

Advance Steel 2010 SP3: automatic macro for railing

2. Several enhancements for the automatic connections, as an example ability to use the miter connections for more complex situations (e.g. between a straight and a curved tube).

3. All necessary line types get automatically loaded to assure proper hidden line presentation on drawings.

4. Improved hole presentation on unfold drawing of a folded plate.

Advance Steel 2010 SP3: Improved hole presentation

5. Polygonal plates are now handled in a more efficient way so that they are represented on workshop drawings in a way where they are easy to fabricate, showing them with their longest side horizontal.

Advance Steel 2010 SP3: Polygonal plates


Advance Steel is specifically designed for structural engineers and steel detailers who require a professional and easy-to-use 3D structural steel detailing software that automates the production of drawings, BOMs and NC files. Advance Steel drastically increases productivity and drawing quality, while reducing the risk of errors. Advance Steel is part of the GRAITEC structural BIM solution.

Advance Steel SP3 is available for all customers who are under maintenance.

> Advance Steel 2010 SP3 : Available on
> Windows compatibility : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Pro
> AutoCAD® compatibility : AutoCAD® 2007, 2008 (32-bit), AutoCAD® 2009, 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit)
> Standard interfaces : DWG, IFC, DXF, CIS/2, SDNF, PSS
> Languages : English, French, German, Romanian, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Spanish