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Advance Concrete 2010: New features delivered in SP2

Advance Concrete : Professional Reinforced Concrete Design Software Solution for AutoCAD
Paris, France, March 25th, 2010. GRAITEC an international software developer for CAD and structural analysis solutions for civil engineering, announces the availability of Advance Concrete 2010 SP2. This service pack provides several new features; the main features are described as follows:


Material Quantities Manager: NC file for each steel grade

For orders containing several steel grades, one NC file can be generated for each grade. For each steel grade it is possible to customize the settings in the order properties (e.g. aSa - different control codes for each file).

Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: Material Quantities Manager

Measurement of 90° hooks

A new option in the Project preferences allows the measurement of hooks according to the hooks table.

Especially for the North American market, a new behavior is implemented in the hook catalog: the hooks table contains a new field where the user can enter the segment length for a certain bar size, grade and angle. Some records are defined as "unfold"; others are defined as segment, according to the hook angle. For example, hooks that are exactly 90° can be measured as a segment while hooks over 90° are measured by unfolding the bar and taking the distance from the end of the unfolded bar.

Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: Measurement of 90° hooks Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: Measurement of 90° hooks

Material Quantities Manager: New tool for viewing the orders

A new tool allows viewing order content directly on drawings. The elements of the selected orders are isolated on the drawing.

Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: New tool for viewing the orders Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: New tool for viewing the orders


Linear distribution representation improvement

Small improvement for the representation of the linear distribution: the bar end symbols are displayed automatically, according to the bar hook angle.

Rectangular frames - 90° hook representation

New options for the end bar symbols are available to make the drawing easier to read. The rectangular frames with 90° hooks are better represented.

Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: Rectangular frames - 90° hook representation Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: Rectangular frames - 90° hook representation

Bar shape segment lengths

A new option to modify the bar shape parameters is available in the bar properties dialog box.

Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: Bar shape segment lengths

3D viewer

The reinforcement 3D viewer has been improved. The reinforcement cages can contain any number of bars.

Dynamic reinforcement - Radial bars

A new tool allows the creation of radial bars and their distribution for reinforcing circular elements.

Advance Concrete 2010 SP2: Dynamic reinforcement - Radial bars


New multi-user based on MS SQL Server

Starting with Service Pack 2, Advance Concrete uses an SQL Server for the database and user management.

Advance Concrete SP2 is delivered to all customers who are under maintenance.

> Advance Concrete 2010 SP2 : Available on
> Windows compatibility : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Pro
> AutoCAD® compatibility : AutoCAD® 2007, 2008 (32-bit), AutoCAD® 2009, 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit)
> Standard interfaces : DWG, IFC, DXF
> Languages : English, French, German, Romanian, Czech, Polish