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U2 360º Tour: An exceptional touring stage by customer STAGECO developed, using GRAITEC Advance Steel

Paris, France, December 7th, 2009 - End of June 2009, the world famous music group U2 started its "360º" worldwide concert tour (see By the end of October 2009, the shows already attracted more than 3 million people across Europe and North America and touring will be continued next year. The band wanted to get as close as possible to the fans and offer all spectators a 360º view. The challenge to create an extraordinary staging structure, fulfilling these demands, was on!
Willie Williams (U2 set designer) and the Mark Fisher studios (architect of the project) went for a four-legged design: the "spaceship-on-four-legs", also nicknamed "the Claw". STAGECO

STAGECO was in charge of designing the structure, using Advance Steel.

Touring stage by customer STAGECO developed, using GRAITEC Advance Steel

Touring stage by customer STAGECO developed, using GRAITEC Advance Steel

Touring stage by customer STAGECO developed, using GRAITEC Advance Steel
Thanks to their extensive experience in designing concert stages and their ability to provide (study, fabricate and erect) complex structures in an efficient way, meeting and often exceeding the client's wishes and having successfully delivered two complex steel backbone structures for two previous U2 stage productions, STAGECO was chosen again to take on this challenging project.

STAGECO is an international company and has local branches across Europe and USA with their headquarters in Belgium. They specialize in temporary event structures, decking systems and scaffolding structures.

They really live up to their slogan; "If you can imagine it, we can build it!".
STAGECO adopted Advance Steel in 2005, and they now have 2 seats of the software in their Belgian R&D head quarter.

Mr. Hedwig De Meyer - STAGECO CEO - enjoyed the challenge which he described as his biggest and certainly the most complicated project since he founded the company in 1984.

Mr. Koen Peeters - STAGECO R&D project designer: "The use of Advance Steel and its easy-to-use 3D modeling has significantly contributed to the success of fabricating and delivering the steel structure in time and without errors at site."

STAGECO did the complete steel structure for the touring system (technical design, calculations and fabrication), which is a final structural weight of 240 tons per system, plus 70 tons steel ballast and base frames.

As a testimony to Advance Steel's ease of use, the entire project, plus the 3D model was managed by 1 detailer within STAGECO. He also coordinated and checked all external data from the outsourced companies, including modeling and fabrication information. Those project partners, using Advance Steel, made data exchange extremely easy. Others, using 3rd party detailing software, required taking advantage of the extensive intelligent import/export utilities available in Advance Steel.
All workshop drawings were created by the Advance Steel software, providing all necessary information for an accurate fabrication.

To ensure the tight tour schedule deadlines could be met, three identical systems were made to enable "leapfrogging"; whilst one system is being erected, another system is in transit to the next tour destination and the third is being used in the live show.

A custom-made innovative high pressure hydraulic lifting system is needed to erect and dismantle the steel structure. To transport each of the 3 staging systems from location to location, 38 trucks are used.

Mr Koen PEETERS - STAGECO R&D project designer: "Advance Steel was the perfect tool to do the conception of this incredible steel structure. All necessary documents (workshop drawings, general arrangement drawings but also lists and NC files) could be created with minimum effort. The 3d drawings, created by Advance Steel were much more illustrative than 2D drawings, avoiding ambiguities at the workshop and at the building site.
Touring stage by customer STAGECO developed, using GRAITEC Advance Steel Touring stage by customer STAGECO developed, using GRAITEC Advance Steel Touring stage by customer STAGECO developed, using GRAITEC Advance Steel

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