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GRAITEC Group News


GRAITEC announces the launch of Advance Concrete 2009

Advance Concrete : Professional Reinforced Concrete Design Software Solution for AutoCAD

Paris, France, March 27th 2009. GRAITEC, the International software developer for CAD and structural analysis solutions for civil engineering launches the 2009 release of Advance Concrete, a software solution dedicated to the creation of formwork and reinforcement drawings.

Aimed at concrete construction and design offices, Advance Concrete is an AutoCAD® based application that enables the modeling (2D / 3D) of concrete structures and the automatic creation of formwork / reinforcement drawings and bill of materials.

Collaborative work, interactive 3D model, detailed finishing touches etc. The innovations of the 2009 release significantly improve both the productivity and efficiency of design offices.

1. Collaborative work and performance improvements

Advance Concrete 2009, Collaborative work and performance improvements

A revolution for users, the 3D model of the structure can now be created by a team of draftsmen with the multi-user functionality.

Each user can extract from the database a set of floors onto which they can work (creation, modification, deletion of elements). At any time, they have the possibility to make their work available to other members of the group. In addition, each user can update his own workspace to view how the model is progressing.

Also, the loading speed of files and browsing in the Pilot has been optimized giving the Design Office the ability to handle large projects in the best conditions.

2. Faster creation of reinforcement drawings

First, users can choose the reinforcement style to apply to the structural elements directly within the 3D model. After entering the parameters (bars diameter, spaces etc.), Advance Concrete then recognizes identical structural elements and counts them to directly produce the reinforcement drawings.

Then, the "3D power" technology makes all reinforcement views interactive. Thus the software is able to link and manage all the reinforcement views of the drawing during the creation and/or the modification phases. It is also possible to generate new views from existing reinforcement views. The automatic representation of reinforcement ensures productivity gains and the consistency of the final drawing.

3. Detailed finishing touches

Advance Concrete 2009 comes with a lot of new features to make the job easier for draftsmen: detailed finishing touches of the associative dimensions and the level dimensions, integration of new representations of fabrics for the French market, etc. Another example is that the section distribution function which is already highly valued has been greatly improved.
Advance Concrete 2009: create new 3D objects by associating ACIS solids to Advance structural elements
Many other new features are also available. With the modeler, it is possible to instantly create new 3D objects by associating ACIS solids made with AutoCAD® to Advance structural elements. These objects then have Advance properties to be fully integrated to the drawings and bill of materials.

> Launch of the 2009 version : March 27th, 2009
> Compatibility : Windows Vista, Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 Pro
> AutoCAD® Compatibility : AutoCAD® 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 32 and 64 bits
> Available in : Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish