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GRAITEC Group News


GRAITEC launches 'Advance Concrete 8.1', a new version of its software for creating concrete structures in AutoCAD.

Paris, Febuary 7th, 2008 - GRAITEC, a major European developer for simulation and construction drawings launches version 8.1 of Advance Concrete. Developed for design offices and construction companies, Advance Concrete is an AutoCAD® add-on for modeling concrete structures and automatic creation of reinforcement and formwork drawings and bill of materials.

Version 8.1 has several main changes grouped in 3 major areas: creation of 3D parametric reinforcement cages, the rationalization of the reinforcement and optimization of production costs, and interoperability.
1. Creation of 3D parametric reinforcement cages
In Advance Concrete 8.1, the user can create 3D parametric reinforcement cages by integrating all the know-how of the design office. The user can rapidly place the reinforcement cage in the model and automatically create the reinforcement drawings.

This "Dynamic Reinforcement" technology rapidly reinforces standard elements (e.g., beams, columns, footings, etc.) by integrating them in their context, as well as element nodes and junctions (e.g., wall/wall or wall/slab connections), and prefabricated elements.

All reinforcements put in place using the "Dynamic Reinforcement" automatically adapt to formwork contours and are updated whenever modifications are made to the model.

This technology significantly accelerates the creation of reinforcement drawings of Design Offices by automating the placement of reinforcement bars and by keeping drawings up-to-date when projects are modified.
GRAITEC launches 'Advance Concrete 8.1', a new version of its software for creating concrete structures in AutoCAD.
Advance Concrete 8.1 - Dynamic Reinforcement
2. Rationalization of the reinforcement and optimization of production costs
GRAITEC launches 'Advance Concrete 8.1', a new version of its software for creating concrete structures in AutoCAD.
Version 8.1 has new functions for rationalizing the reinforcement project, for optimizing the fabrication costs and minimizing incoherencies or "design errors".

Advance Concrete 8.1 analyzes the reinforcement bars and provides optimization solutions for reducing the number of references used in the project. For example, if 2.53 m, 2.54 m, and 2.55 m straight bars are used, Advance Concrete suggests using 3 identical 2.55 m bars, context permitting. The production and management of reference bars are simplified.

Version 8.1 also includes a bar collision control tool for visualizing bar collisions in 3D and for facilitating implementing alternative solutions. A new tool for creation of bar lists is also included.

This tool creates lists for a drawing, for a series of drawings or for the entire project. It also prepares bar orders and creates files used by numerically controlled machines.

In conclusion, version 8.1 helps the user rapidly create reinforcement projects integrating production constraints and construction site implementation constraints.
Advance Concrete 8.1 - Bar collision control tool
3. Interoperability
Advance Concrete 8.1 integrates "GTC" GRAITEC's exclusive technology (GRAITEC Transfer Center). This technology offers:

 Import/export data in IFC 2.x3 format
  Multiple Advance Concrete users that work simultaneously on the same project and synchronize their models
  Synchronization in Advance Concrete of modifications made by engineers in other GRAITEC software (e.g., section changes, addition of structural elements, etc.).

This technology avoids double entry and data loss. It secures projects by minimizing error risks.
A number of other changes not listed here are also available:

  Compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows Vista and 32 and 64-bit AutoCAD® 2008
  "Project Settings": a new concept for the centralization of settings. Two advantages: significantly accelerates the configuration of a new project and judicious reuse of saved standards.
  New altimetry management. The user can, based on the configuration of the project, opt for a relative leveling or for an absolute leveling based on WCS (World Coordinate System)
  New option provided by Advance Concrete: automatic placement of symbols for "Waterstop" type joints
  New bar supports library. New functions are available for placing these elements and for direct creation of specific quantitative lists
  Management of bar lengths: new rules for arrangement of cuts, consideration of standardized overlaps, coupler placement, etc.

For Evelyne LACROIX, in charge of the design office for TPF Engineering in Belgium: "Since I started using Advance Concrete, there are no longer questions from the construction site about the reinforcement bars. We eliminated bar list errors and we considerably reduced the time spent communicating with the construction site."
GRAITEC launches 'Advance Concrete 8.1', a new version of its software for creating concrete structures in AutoCAD
Advance Concrete 8.1 - Reinforcement drawings
> Version 8.1 release date: February 13th, 2008
> Compatibility: 32 and 64-bits AutoCAD® 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008
> Available in: German, English, French, Dutch, Czech languages