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GRAITEC launches Advance Design 3.1!

GRAITEC launches "Advance Design 3.1", a new version of its structural analysis and design software.

Developed for design offices and construction companies, Advance Design is a software for structural analysis with finite elements & design, for reinforced concrete and steel construction.

Version 3.1 has several main changes in all parts of the software. The software aids design office engineers and structural designers for designing their reinforced concrete or steel projects faster and with higher precision. The most significant new features are in the connection design and analysis, design of calculation reports, and interoperability capacities.
1. Connection analysis and design
With version 3.1, Advance Design users can automate the design and the optimization of connections in steel construction.

Connections can be set up in the modeling of the project: the user defines the hypotheses common to the large connection families and the precise properties of each connection.

All common cases are covered: base plates, splice, Beam-Column embedding, continuous Beam on Column embedding, tube connections with flanges, Beam-Beam hinge with angles, Beam-Column hinge with angles, angle connections with gusset plate, welded tube connections, and tube connections with gusset plate.

The calculation engine, used for connection analysis and design, is that of Melody.
Design and optimization of connections in steel construction
2. Calculation reports
Version 3.1 has several new options in the creation and presentation of calculation reports:

Creation of custom result tables allowing the user to precisely define the table structure, display values, units, load cases, summaries, etc.
Rules concept for filtering display values in reports by only retaining values in the range specified by the user
New presentations, for example, for splitting tables in multiple columns
3. Interoperability

Advance Design 3.1 integrates "GTC" (GRAITEC Transfer Center), GRAITEC's exclusive technology. This technology offers:

Import/Export data in standard formats: CIS/2, SDNF, PSS, IFC 2.x3.
Synchronization of modifications made by engineers in other Graitec software (section changes, addition of structural elements, etc.) in Advance Design.
Multiple Advance Design users who work simultaneously on the same project and synchronize their models.

This technology avoids double entry and data loss. It secures projects by minimizing error risks.

A number of other changes not listed here are also available:

Compatible with 32-bit Windows Vista
Library that can store structure "blocks"
Initial stresses on linear elements (axial and tangential)
Elastic link between nodes
> Version 3.1 release date: January 2, 2008
> Compatibility: Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista
> Available in: English and French