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GRAITEC launches Advance Steel 8.1!

GRAITEC launches « Advance Steel 8.1 », a new version of its flagship software for creating steel structures in AutoCAD.

Developed for steel construction companies and design offices, Advance Steel is a software for steel structural modeling (profiles and connections) that automatically creates general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, bill of materials and NC files. Advance is integrated in the AutoCAD® platform.

Version 8.1 has several main changes grouped in 3 major areas: modeling of complex parts for sheet metal work and structures, the quality and high degree of automation of fabrication drawings, and interoperability.
1. Modeling of complex parts for sheet metal work and structures
Advance Steel 8.1 provides a set of new functions that facilitate the design and fabrication of complex steel parts. These new functions enable the modeling, development and drawing of cones (with circular, square, and elliptical bases), pyramids, polygonal to round funnels, etc. They also enable the creation of twisted folded plates, largely used in bridge construction.

With each new version, Advance Steel establishes itself as a superior solution for structures with "nontraditional" structural steel parts.
  Modeling of complex parts for sheet metal work and structures
2. Quality and high degree of automation of drawings
Quality and high degree of automation of drawings  
Advance Steel 8.1 improves productivity of design offices due to a set of tools that create better general arrangement and manufacturing drawings.

Advance Steel 8.1 automatically produces views that provide useful information for fabrication (e.g., if a bar has holes only on its web, then only the view of the web is displayed).

Other improvements are also available: optimization of automatic placement of labels and annotations for better readability of drawings, improved representation of slope triangles, etc.
3. Interoperability

Advance Steel 8.1 integrates "GTC" GRAITEC's exclusive technology (GRAITEC Transfer Center). This technology offers:

  Import/Export data in standard formats: CIS/2, SDNF, PSS, IFC 2.x3
  Multiple Advance Steel users that work simultaneously on the same project and synchronize their models
  Synchronization modifications made by engineers in other GRAITEC software (section changes, addition of structural elements, etc.) in Advance Steel.

This technology avoids double entry and data loss. It secures projects by minimizing error risks.

A number of other changes not listed here are also available:

  Compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows Vista and 32 and 64-bit AutoCAD 2008.
  Numerous new assemblies (column splice, turnbuckles, etc,) and new metal work options.
  Improved X-Refs management (compatible with "X-Ref -Bind" and "Modify X-Ref").
  Extension of the "Quick Connection" technology for automatically setting up assemblies in the model.
  Extension of assembly calculation methods (AISC American standards and EC3 European standards).
Advance Steel - Interoperability
> Version 8.1 release date: December 1st 2007
> Compatibility: AutoCAD® 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007and 2008 32 and 64-bit
> Available in: German, English, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech languages, Spanish