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GRAITEC and ArcelorMittal sign a strategic partnership agreement.

Bièvres, November 16th 2007 - GRAITEC and ArcelorMittal sign a strategic partnership agreement to enhance GRAITEC's engineering solutions and to facilitate access of design offices and steel structural workers to ArcelorMittal products.

During the last BATIMAT exhibition, GRAITEC, a European provider of CAD and structural engineering software solutions for the construction industry, and ArcelorMittal, the world leader in constructive steel solutions for cladding, roofing and building structure, signed an agreement where the main objective was to facilitate the design and use of steel structures.

GRAITEC and ArcelorMittal sign a strategic partnership agreement

This agreement will enable the improvement of "Advance Design" structural engineering software, especially for the adaptation to Eurocodes 3 of straight and curved beams, beams with variable inertia, and the new "Angelina" beams, which have just received the BATIMAT Design 2007 gold trophy.

This agreement will also allow mixed solutions according to Eurocodes 4 and fire protection verification of steel structures using the advanced integration of Fire Engineering developed by the ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Europe Research Center. ArcelorMittal products will also be included in Advance Steel, CAD software for the steel construction industry.

For Jacques HOFFMANN, Director of Research & Development at ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Europe: "This agreement will enable the implementation of the research developed by Produits Longs in a structural engineering software, facilitating their actual applications. The recognition of Advance Design's innovation through the Eureka label reinforces the relevance of our collaboration".

Bruno THERET, Vice President of Marketing BCS at ArcelorMittal states that: "This partnership, around a Global CAD / Design and Analysis solution for the construction industry, will let ArcelorMittal show its products, knowledge and solutions to 10000 Design Offices and Steel Structural Workers, through a substantial network of 10 subsidiaries notably in new member countries and the Americas".

For Francis GUILLEMARD, Founder and CEO of GRAITEC: "Looking at all the new products presented at BATIMAT, I assessed the innovation capabilities of ArcelorMittal and I am pleased that the world leader of steel production is, for the first time, interested in software notably that of GRAITEC. With this partnership, we will transform the innovation capabilities of ArcelorMittal into software solutions that will better address the needs of the steel construction market. This partnership is a real step forward, it creates new bridges between different market players, which will significantly improve the design and construction of steel structures".

For Manuel LIEDOT, Director of Product Marketing and Research & Development at GRAITEC: "This agreement will let us implement the innovative techniques and unrivaled experience of ArcelorMittal Research in a largely deployed 3D structure software. This collaboration will benefit steel structure designers".

About ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the worldwide leader of the steel industry, with 320000 employees in more than 60 countries. ArcelorMittal is a leader in all major global markets, including automotive, construction, electrical appliances, and packaging. The Group leads in R&D and technology, holds sizeable captive supplies of raw materials and operates extensive distribution networks. ArcelorMittal key pro forma financials for 2006 show combined revenues of US$ 88.6 billion for a production of 118 million tons of crude steel, equivalent to around 10% of world steel output.

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ArcelorMittal - the world leader in constructive steel solutions for cladding, roofing and building structure

Created in 1986, GRAITEC is a leading provider of the most seamless, complete and professional CAD and Structural Engineering Design software solution for the construction industry in Europe. Its software, used by more than 10000 clients, has enabled prestigious projects: Grenoble stadium (steel structure), roof of Zlote Tarasy atrium in Varsovie (Poland) that received a European award for steel construction in 2007, Coeur Défense towers, etc. The GRAITEC group has over 220 employees throughout 10 subsidiaries (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Canada and USA). GRAITEC also has a global network of 30 resellers.

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