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Strategic partnership in Benelux

Benelux: GRAITEC and Technosoft B.V. have entered into a strategic partnership agreement

Paris, February 5, 2007 - GRAITEC, a major worldwide developer for analysis and detailing software announces the closing of a distribution agreement with Technosoft B.V., a Dutch leading AEC company. The partnership agreement signed between the two companies, entitles Technosoft BV to promote, distribute and support Advance Concrete and Advance Steel in the Dutch speaking countries.

Technosoft B.V. is a full-service company, founded almost 30 years ago, that has become one of the market leaders of state-of-the-art analysis and design software for the AEC market in The Netherlands. It also delivers project management solutions, IT infrastructure, consultancy, training courses and support services. Technosoft B.V. is located in Deventer in the Netherlands and employs 34 people.

To ensure maximum efficiency in the support to Advance customers, GRAITEC technical consultants are already cooperating closely with the Technosoft B.V. team. A well-organized hotline and customer service for Advance solutions are being set up by Technosoft B.V.

"GRAITEC fits well into our strategy to provide our customers in the AEC market with the best solutions within their own strategy. Our customers are very well aware of what they need and what they don't need and they are quite positive about this decision, because we asked them what they thought about this decision, before we actually started this relationship. So, both the customers and their provider agree on this step. It should always be this way", states Haico Sterk, CEO, Technosoft B.V.

"We are confident that this partnership will help us develop, in the short run, a successful business in The Netherlands and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Technosoft B.V. has indeed the expertise, infrastructure and resources necessary to better serve our customers in this area of the world" states Thierry Lamidieu, COO, GRAITEC.

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