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GRAITEC launches "Advance - Steel 7.1", a new version of its software for creating steel structures in AutoCAD

Paris, February 1st, 2007 - GRAITEC, a major european developer for simulation and construction drawings is launching the new 7.1 version of Advance Steel. Developed for steel construction companies and design offices, Advance Steel is a software for steel structural modeling (profiles and connections) that automatically creates general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, bill of materials and NC files. Advance is integrated in the AutoCAD® platform.

This new version represents more than a year of work for our Research and Development teams (20 engineers), dedicated to Advance Steel and adds a lot of major improvements in all software modules.


Advance Steel 7.1 comes with a major innovation: the "Quick Connection" technology.
In most of the steel construction software, the user creates "manually" all structure connection by selecting the members to be connected, then the appropriate connection, refers to the engineers calculation note to set the correct parameters (plate thickness, bolt number, stiffeners...) and repeats the operation as many times as necessary. Usually, a structure of a medium size (100 tones) can use about 500 connections. For their creation the user spends about 4-5 days.
In Advance Steel 7.1, a new tool allows the user creating and placing all connection at once. The user makes the settings to indicate the connection type according to the possible situations in the project. Advance Steel reviews then every intersection and places automatically the appropriate connection. Moreover, Advance Steel resizes the connection according to the Eurocode 3 or the American standard (AISC) taking into account the forces specified by the user or imported from a structure calculation software (Effel or Advance Design).

GRAITEC launches Advance - Steel 7.1, a new version of its software for creating steel structures in AutoCAD

GRAITEC launches Advance - Steel 7.1, a new version of its software for creating steel structures in AutoCAD
Advance Steel 7.1 provides new tools for quick modeling and automatic creation of fabrication drawings for spiral stairs. A spiral stair is created in 4 steps: position in the structure, central post definition (round tube, square), treads geometric properties (folded plates, welded plates, wood steps...) and railings. Once this data given, the user chooses a template for the fabrication drawing and Advance Steel 7.1 creates automatically all the necessary documents for the stair manufacturing. As for the other structure elements, Advance Steel also creates NC files.
The tools for creating straight stair (several flights) and railings also have been significantly improved by adding new options: different top and bottom tread, possibility to move the posts individually...

Advance Steel is used not only for the "classical" steel framework. Many users search for a powerful solution for mechanical parts and complex folded plated modeling and manufacturing. These elements are used in petrochemistry. Today Advance Steel makes possible creating and connecting any folded plates, allowing folding, cutting and drilling.

GRAITEC launches Advance - Steel 7.1, a new version of its software for creating steel structures in AutoCAD

Advance Steel 7.1 improves the design offices productivity due to a set of tools that allows creating better general arrangements and manufacturing drawings.
The default configuration (the settings can be modified according to the company standards) provides a large set of representation types for shop drawings, assembly drawings, plate unfold and curved beams representation. All sloped beams and plates as well as the various oblique stiffeners placed along a beam are automatically dimensioned by indicating the slope angle. The whole assembly dimensioning as well as the list of elements to be welded allow a higher workshop productivity at manufacturing and assembling complex parts of the steel structure.
Moreover, the view creation speed (isometric view, elevation, 2D detail, ...) is significantly improved (about 30%-40%) to allow working with more complex projects.

For Alain Belzile, associate at Groupe Maryan (Canada) and user of Advance Steel 7.1 - Beta : « The module "Quick Connection" of the new 7.1 release is really simple to use and to configure, and eliminates tedious work redundancy at joint calculation. We are anxious to use it in our big projects ».