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GRAITEC Group News


Advance Concrete 7.1 is available!

GRAITEC launches « Advance Concrete 7.1 », a new version of its high-end concrete detailing solution in AutoCAD

Developed for design offices and construction companies, Advance Concrete is a major AutoCAD extension, for structural concrete modeling, automatic reinforcement drawings and material takeouts.

The development for Advance Concrete 7.1 followed 3 major directions:
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved drawing quality and faster finishing
  • Higher security
INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: In Advance Concrete 7.1, the reinforcement layout of several elements is automated. The user defines the « reinforcement styles » according to elements (ex: continuous beams, slab openings, walls and walls junctions…) and Advance automatically creates the views with the necessary reinforcement and labels.

Other improvements are: new grip points for a graphical element control, simplified level management, copy of symbols and dimensions from one level to another by automatically detecting the associated symbol / element, etc.
IMPROVED DRAWING QUALITY AND FASTER FINISHING: Advance Concrete 7.1 now uses the AutoCAD’s « dynamic block » concept for the view creation. This new functionality allows creating more precise 2D views and « links » them to the 3D model because they are automatically defined at the moment of the view creation. In case the model changes, the details are systematically updated. Due to this technology, the window openings can be represented in cuts and section views by a complete customized symbol including the lintel and sill. It is also very useful for the stair representation.


Other functions, such as the hatching angle control according to the element inclination, the improved symbol placement algorithm according to elements or the automatic detection of the necessary associative dimension lines (according to the unlinked contour, openings, etc.) contribute significantly to cleaner and better drawings.

HIGHER SECURITY: Advance Concrete 7.1 provides a new technology called « Model Watch », controlling the 3D model consistency in real time. Advance Concrete warns immediately on the identical elements overlapping, the openings placed out of walls, etc.
In the same way, Advance Concrete 7.1 limits the drawing update and therefore the risks of errors by a constant control of project changes.

Advance Concrete also brings numerous other improvements, in answer to user requirements.
Version 7.1 release date: 1st October 2006
Price: 5 950,00 Euro full version
Compatibility: AutoCAD 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Available in: German, English, Dutch, Polish, Russian and Czech languages

David BOURGEOIS (Design Office Manager at FINAXIOME): « The main advantage of Advance Concrete is the high productivity and quality, due to 3D. We are also very glad to have colaborated to the setting up of the dynamic blocks management in the release 7.1. It results in a better efficiency ».