GRAITEC 2006 North American Roadshow schedule

The GRAITEC team will be on the road to demonstrate Advance Steel in a city near you.
(Shows and individual demonstrations for Detailers, Fabricators and Engineers)

Call toll free at 877-464-3366 for more information or to book a live demo at your location.

 Dallas (TX) Metroplex area
May 11 - 18
 Calgary (AB)
May 29 - June 2
 Salt Lake City (UT)
June 12 - 16
 Philadelphia (PA)
July 10 - 13
 Calgary (AB)
September 11
 Edmonton (AB)
September 12
 Vancouver (BC)
September 13
 Seattle (OR)
September 14
 Portland (OR)
September 15
 Chicago (IL)
September 25-26
 Detroit (MI)
September 27-28
 Toronto (ON)
September 29
 Los Angeles (CA)
October 3-4
 Las Vegas (NV)
October 5
 NISD show Las Vegas (NV)
October 6-7
 Raleigh (NC)
October 16
 Charlotte (NC)
October 17
 Atlanta (GA)
October 18
 New-Orleans (LA)
October 19
 Miami (FL)
October 20
 Advance Steel user group
  meeting Quebec City (QC)
November 3
 Boston (MA)
November 6-7
 Newark (NJ)
November 8
 Washington (DC)
November 9-10
 Denver (CO)
November 27
 San Francisco (CA)
November 28-29
 Tucson (AZ)
November 30
 Phoenix (AZ)
December 1

Please check back in the coming days and weeks for further details.
Further details will be posted 1 month prior to each specific event. For more information please do not hesitate to call our toll free line at 877-464-3366.