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GRAITEC launches Effel Advanced !

A recent survey of our customers business processes revealed that modeling takes on average 25% of production time versus 75% in analyzing and extracting calculation data. This information prompted GRAITEC to develop Effel Advanced to optimize and maximize the entire calculation workflow. This New generation of software integrates «Result Memory» technology that stores and automatically recalls graphic processing scripts. (diagrams of displacements, efforts and constraints on 3D structures) and the calculation report. This «Result Memory» technology dramatically accelerates the design process by automating result processing during calculations iterations.

Effel Advanced brings forth other innovations like: the use of OpenGL technology for data input and «real time» visual result processing, a new meshing engine that is faster and more precise than previous software generations, unlimited theoretical processing capability, automatic calculation reports, virtual project cameras to create videos of structural distortions, etc.

With all the innovation Effel Advanced remains compliant with previous Effel modules.

The Effel Advanced technology platform has been recognized as a European Community innovative R&D project and bears the renowned EUREKA logo (Project FT - EXPERT 3335). All Effel Advanced components benefit from latest technology developments (modeling, meshing, calculation engine, result processing, calculation notes) to maximize performance and user productivity.

Francis GUILLEMARD , GRAITEC group C.E.O.: the structural calculation market in France has not had any breakthroughs in the last several years. By launching Effel Advanced, a truly innovative solution, I am convinced our customers will meaningfully reduce their design time and improve the quality of their calculation documents.
Effel Advanced : logiciel de calcul de structure aux éléments finis professionnel
Example of automatic calculation note on Effel Advanced