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Grand opening of the 'Allianz Arena' in Munich, Germany

After a construction period of 951 days the „Allianz Arena“ was officially opened to the public with a speach by Christian Ude, the mayor of Munich: "The Allianz Arena, this magnificient soccer stadium, is herewith opened".

The building is being described as a stadium of superlatives and truly is a great achievement when looking at the figures: 60.000 roofed seats, a total base of 120 m x 83 m, a roof area of 38.000m², a facade of 26.000m², 120.000 m³ of concrete and 22.000t of Steel.

The Worldcup of Soccer opening game will be played in the Allianz Arena on June 9th 2006.

Thierry Lamidieu, Graitec's COO, comments: „We are very proud that SEVERAL of our customers participated in the challenging construction of this very modern Arena. This is another demonstration that Graitec continues to provide cutting edge software solutions that allow our customers to be efficient and competitive on the market.“