Effel : Professional finite element analysis software


Available in the new Graitec Advance software suite, Advance Design, the next generation FEA software, is the reliable successor to Effel.
Advance Design retains all the strengths of Effel (easy to use, reliable analysis results) and offers several worthwhile innovations: the Eurocodes, integrated design modules, enhanced memory management, full 64-bit application... Discover all the innovations of Advance Design!
For Effel users, Advance Design reads and writes native EFF files. Also, a project started with Effel can be continued with Advance Design.

Effel: Finite Element Analysis Software
Jean Bouin stadium designed with Effel   Jean Bouin stadium designed with Advance Design

A complete environment

Diagrams of result curves obtain after calculation in Effel Building Structure Based on the finite element method, Effel conducts static and dynamic analyses of 2D and 3D structures. Its Expert modules can be used to analyse and optimise behaviors of :

  • reinforced concrete structures
  • steel structures
  • timber structures

A powerful calculation engine
Effel integrates in its most recent version a dynamic calculation engine 5 to 15 times faster than the previous generation. Based on “incore/outcore” technology, this engine substantially reduces calculation time and required hard disk space. (reduces swap file size)

Structural analysis

Meshing Types in Effel : uniform, controlled, Delauney, imposed, refined

Effel CAD functions include line element creation (bars, beams, variable inertia beams, etc), circle arcs, planar elements (membranes, plates, shells, etc.), openings, apertures, etc... To create standard structures, Effel features objects such as the "Portal frame", "vaults", etc... User defined objects can also be created, used and stored. The user can either apply arbitrary loads on the model (point loads, linear and surface loads) or use automatic functions for self-weight, snow and wind loads, seismic effects, earth or water pressure… The user can implement point, linear or surface supports which can be rigid, elastic or compression only.

You can vizualize the structures modeled in Effel with the help of an integrated realistic rendering module Effel then meshes the structure (controlled, Delauney, imposed meshing, mesh refinement) and performs finite element analysis:

  • Static analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Seismic analysis
  • Time history analysis
  • Linear buckling analysis
  • Non linear analysis : tie element, cables and gap elements(compression only) with or without large displacement option.

In addition, Effel traces inconsistencies in the model description and provides technical solutions.

Effel expert modules

Effel Expert modules enable regulatory analyses in accordance with national building standards. Featuring rapid pre-dimensioning or complex structures optimization Effel is the ultimate tool for engineers.

Effel reinforced concrete

Analysis of a concrete structure with Effel Concrete Design module

  • Regulatory load combinations.
  • Finite elements adapted to reinforced concrete construction.
  • Calculation at the ULS and SLS of beams subject to complex stresses (combined bending, oblique bending, etc.) with or without compressed steel.
  • Calculation at the ULS and SLS of plate and shell elements reinforcement in accordance with a user-defined reinforcement direction.
  • Cross section strength interaction diagram.
  • Stability of column shapes.
  • Calculation of dangerous deflections on the basis of action/reaction results.
  • Diagram of required reinforcement area.
  • Link with Arche reinforcement modules for Columns, Beams and  Footings.

Effel steel construction

Analysis of a steel structure with Effel Steelwork Design module

  • Regulatory load combinations.
  • Automatic rolling loads.
  • Shape libraries.
  • Complex cross sections calculations.
  • Design of structure with representation of shapes and connections.
  • Pre-sizing and optimization of shapes with deflection and stress criteria.
  • Automatic buckling and lateral torsion buckling in 3D.
  • Design and detailing of bolted-welded and welded joints.
  • Automatic bills of materials (BOM).

Effel timber construction

Analysis of a timber structure with Effel Timber Design module

  • Buckling and creep in timber structures.
  • Regulatory load combinations.
  • Calculation of complex cross sections.
  • Pre-sizing and optimization taking with deflection and stress criteria.
  • Automatic bills of materials.

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