Autodesk Advance Steel: AutoCAD based Steel detailing software

Autodesk Advance Steel Pre-Sale FAQ's

We hope the answers to the common questions below will convince you to further consider Autodesk Advance Steel as a solution to your challenges.

Questions / Answers

1. Do I need an AutoCAD license to use Autodesk Advance Steel ?

Yes, Autodesk Advance Steel 2016 version only runs on AutoCAD 2016. Previous versions of Autodesk Advance Steel from version 2012 through to version 2015.1 could work with or without an AutoCAD license but this has changed from version 2016.

2. I've never work in 3D. It’s however a key step to gain productivity and acquire more projects. How long does it take to learn Autodesk Advance Steel?

The learning and integration curve is by far the shortest of all major 3D modeling packages. Ease of use and Ease of learn are not only part of our strategy but also 2 major continuous improvement fields Most of our users are fully trained after a 5 days training session.

3. Are Autodesk Advance Steel drawings linked to the model and will they update automatically?

This is one of the key benefits of Autodesk Advance Steel. It is also a major productivity improvement in our customer process.

4. Can Autodesk Advance Steel really model and detail stairs?

Actually it's one of Autodesk Advance Steel's strengths and a field of expertise.
We kindly encourage you to watch our Stairs and Railings AVI and to contact your local office or reseller to convince you Stairs modeling and detailing a very strong asset of Autodesk Advance Steel.

5. What do the automatic drawings look like?

Autodesk Advance Steel is highly localized and integrates local standards of drawing.
On top of this localization, we provide specific tools with Autodesk Advance Steel that allow deeper customization to your standards of drawing. This customization done with the support of Graitec has helped some of our customers to reduce any 2D drawing job by 90%, concentrating on the added value of their job.

6. What about drawing quality?

Your quality expectations are ours and Autodesk Advance Steel will adapt to your quality standards, delivering best in class 2D documentation.

7. Can I create in Autodesk Advance Steel automatic lists and/or BOM?

YES, Autodesk Advance Steel can create any list the way you expect it to be. Lists, BOM can be created in the drawing or in external tool such as Excel.

8. Can I create in Autodesk Advance Steel automatic NC-files?

YES, NC flies are created automatically and updated in case of modification. NC standards are available NC-DXF and NC-DSTV. Regular tests are done with Machinery manufacturers in order to deliver specific format to their machines: Pendinghaus, Ocean Machinery, Controlled Automation, Daito, Kaltenbach, etc.

9. Can multiple users work on the same project at the same time?

YES. We offer a multi user functionality easily allowing collaboration of multiple users on the same projects, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

10. Can large projects be modeled and detailed with Autodesk Advance Steel?

YES, many of our users use our technology to deliver large scale projects. Performance is a continuous and never ending improvement field and we actively work on it. With more than 10.000 licenses in use, our technology is more than proven..

11. Will GRAITEC be around in 3 years?

No one has a crystal ball...but GRAITEC has been around since 1987 and benefit from a strong financial structure and support. With over 52% growths in licenses of Autodesk Advance Steel sold in 2011, Graitec has a great momentum in the industry.

12. Can I bring in models from other major 3D structural steel software and do the miscellaneous in Autodesk Advance Steel?

YES... Among other formats Autodesk Advance Steel can import-export to CIS/2 and IFC to import and export from others CAD systems.

13. Can Autodesk Advance Steel bring in and use mechanical and other components?

YES, using the exchange format available as standard in Autodesk Advance Steel (ACIS, DWG …). But not only, mechanical parts can also be create directly from Autodesk Advance Steel using its powerful functionalities.

14. Is Autodesk Advance Steel a proven solution?

YES. With a fast growing (+52% in 2011) community of over 10.000 users, Autodesk Advance Steel is used on a daily basis to model, detail and manufacture thousands of projects. Please visit Graitec website and share Autodesk Advance Steel customer experience reading some references.