Arche : Structural analysis of reinforced concrete buildings


Since it was launched in 1993, Arche has become the reference software in Europe for designing and drawing reinforced concrete buildings. From a 3D model building comprising slabs, beams, columns, walls and foundations, Arche analyses the overall construction stability and automatically creates all the reinforcement drawings.

  • Customer projects created with Arche.
  • From building simulation...

    With Arche Building Structure it is possible to model all types of buildings; the 'level' work principle allows an easier input of elements on several storeys of the structureArche Building Structure is a building simulation software that performs preliminary sizing while calculating load distribution, wind bracing and seismic analysis.

    • Integrated 3D CAD with a link to structures previously designed with Advance Concrete
    • Preliminary sizing
    • 3D snow and wind load generator
    • Analysis of load distribution and wind bracing combining traditional methods and sophisticated digital modelling techniques
    • Seismic analysis in modal dynamics
    • Automatic production of calculation reports, bills of materials, reinforcement ratios and cost estimates drawing production

    The reinforcement drawing is automatically generated and displayed in Arche environment; the provided commands allow the interactive modification of the reinforcement

    Arche reinforcement modules are dedicated to design, analysis and automatic production of reinforcement drawings of the structural components (slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations...).

    After you define the geometry, loads and general assumptions, a simple mouse-click will give you the stress and strain curves in concrete and steel, the deflections and, of course... the reinforcement drawings!

    • Construction specifications in accordance with earthquake resistance regulations
    • Interactive modification of reinforcement and user warning system for non compliance with standards.
    • Integrated CAD for drawing modifications
    • Export to Advance Concrete for reinforcement modifications

    100% reinforced concrete!

    Arche also offers tools to analyse each section's geometric properties to conduct theoretical calculation and to produce lists of reinforcements. It also integrates a realistic rendering module.

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