Advance Concrete 2010 Packages

Available functionalities Standard Professional Premium
• 2D / 3D modeling
• Structural elements: Column, Beam, Slab, Isolated footing, Continuous footing, Pile
• Structural elements: Stairs, Roofs
• Slabs, walls and beam openings
• Automatically create footings adapted for every structural element
• Converting ACIS solids into Advance Concrete elements
• Converting Advance Concrete elements into ACIS solids
• Export the structure in the AutoCAD® DWG format with ACIS elements  
• Converting ADT entities into Advance structural elements  
• Converting AutoCAD® 2D entities from the architectural drawing into Advance structural elements
• Layer naming standards definition  
• Various concrete, masonry and full bricks materials
• Parametric sections
• Sections from libraries: AISC, OTUA, Euro Profile
• Possibility to create user sections
• Formwork plans
• Elevations
• Cross sections
• Isometric views  
• Automatic labeling
• Dimensioning drawings
• Copying the dimensions and annotations from one drawing to another
• AutoCAD® dynamic blocks for additional details on drawings
• Export documents and drawings to DWG
• Manual reinforcement (stirrups, straight bars, polygonal bars, meshes)
• Manual reinforcement using shape codes according to standards
• Automatic shape code recognition for reinforcement bars
• Automatic distribution of meshes on surfaces  
• Meshes: stock cutting optimization  
• Management of bar and mesh symbols
• Management of bending details
• Automatic reinforcement styles  
Dynamic reinforcement
• Defining dynamic reinforcement solutions  
• Reinforcement 3D viewer (preview)  
• Collisions detection for bars and meshes
• Generate new sections and elevations on detailed reinforcement
• Automatic creation of reinforcement symbols and bending details
• Mesh and bar schedules
• Import reinforcement drawings from Arche Reinforcement
• Arranging drawings on layouts
• Adding frame and title block
• BOM creation for concrete volume and formwork area  
• View, sort and filter materials from drawings or from structural elements    
• Compare the estimated rebar weight with the detailed bar weight    
• Material orders management. The ordered bars and meshes are locked and can no longer be modified.    
BIM synchronization with GRAITEC compatible software
• IFC 2x3 export / import
• Export 3D reinforcement to DWF
• Exporting material lists in NC files: aSa, Soule and SteelPAC    
• Export material lists to XLS and DOC format    
• Possibility for several users to work together at the same time to create a model.

Download the list of functionalities for Advance Concrete 2010 in PDF format.