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Company Project Name Software used
BetaXpert SRL Residential building 5UG+GF+M+19L Effel
Cons-Co SRL Băneasa Commercial Center Effel
Pavial SRL Residential and office building Autodesk Advance Steel and Effel
TECBAT Amphitheater from Minatec Effel
Conf. Dr. Ing. Mihai MUNTEANU Business Offices 'UNION Business Center' Effel
2CAO BENIN republic stadium Effel
Birou de proiectare Străjan SRL Eforie Sud Hotel Effel
Ingénierie Construction Bowling Center Autodesk Advance Steel, Effel and Arche
SERACOM SRL Industrial building Effel
ABAC Aqualand Effel
SERACOM SRL Industrial building Effel
SIC TOULOUSE Business Offices 'Le Lorrenzaccio' Arche and Effel
BOUYGUES Grand Stade de France Effel
SICRE University Amphitheater Effel
LOISON Fire escape Effel
POLYBATIC Law Courts framework Effel
Metropol Hotel Effel