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For construction engineers and detailers seeking to improve their productivity and optimize their designs, GRAITEC offers a complete integrated CAD / Design solution for all reinforced concrete and steel construction projects. GRAITEC's solutions are unique in the Engineering and Construction industry.
Take a look to the following videos to see what we offer and ... contact your local GRAITEC representative!

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Advance Design Movies

Advance Design - Discover in few minutes the EC2 implementation
This video demonstrates the EC2 design capabilities in Advance Design: real reinforcement definition on beams-columns and plates and cracking detailed analysis. See also how you can get a detailed report with all intermediate values and formulas.

Advance Design - Discover in few minutes the EC5 implementation
This video demonstrates the EC5 design capabilities in Advance Design: complete set of properties on timber elements, timber materials database, detailed stability check and sections optimization including the fire effects.

Synchronization of an Advance Steel model with Advance Design
An Advance Steel model can be synchronized with the GRAITEC Advance Design analysis software.
This gives users the ability to make as many changes as they want. They can then synchronize their model with the result of the analysis without losing any adjustments (e.g., add, modification, delete) that they made.
This is done with the unique Graitec Transfer Center (GTC), which prompts the user to accept (or reject) the new modifications made to their open model.

Working with design roles
This video tutorial helps you discover how to define design roles in Advance Design for a steel analysis. Once created, design roles are assigned to the corresponding elements. Thus, you can configure the desired design properties once, and then easily apply them, with one click of the mouse, to a selection of elements.

Steel profiles calculation
This is a short demonstration of how to configure and run the steel analysis, using the specialized commands available in Advance Design: selecting the load combinations taken into account in the steel analysis, defining the global steel design hypotheses and running the steel calculation sequence.

Displaying Steel analysis results
Discover the various functionalities dedicated to steel results post-processing available in Advance Design.
Once the steel calculation is done, the dedicated results post-processing tools are activated and ready to use. Thus, you'll be able to view the results distribution on steel profiles by colors, values, on selection, by filtered elements, etc.
You can also learn how to view the shape sheet for each calculated steel element, and how to create a report from it.

Steel profiles optimization
This is an example of using the steel profiles optimization feature, available with the steel design module of Advance Design.

Calculation reports and saved post-processings
This video sequence presents the different functionalities of Advance Design report generator. You will see how easy it is to configure and to create a detailed customized report. At the same time, you will learn how to store post-processings and how to include them in the calculation report.

Synchronization of an Autodesk Revit Structure model with Advance Design
An Autodesk Revit Structure model can be exported to Advance Design, the finite elements analysis software of GRAITEC, using the new GTC format.
The initial model is synchronized with the analysis and optimization result, without losing any adjustments (e.g., add, modification, delete).
The user can select which modifications to apply to the initial model.

Advance Design: Introduction
This video offers a preview of the Advance Design user interface, from the modeling step to the generation of a design report.

Advance Design: Modeling and meshing
This video illustrates several Advance Design modeling and meshing functions while demonstrating the creation of a model.

Advance Design: Post-processing of results
This video illustrates post-processing functions and the updated results.

Meshing capabilities available in Advance Design
This demo illustrates the various meshing capabilities of Advance Design: two available meshing engines (Delaunay or Grid), ability to combine or to use exclusively "triangle" or "quadrangles" elements with 3, 4, 6 or 9 nodes. Once the mesh has been created, you'll discover the different ways to modify and refine it in no time (using lines and polylines, defining progressive mesh, etc.).